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Our story

As a family we'd always wanted to have our own flock of sheep and in 2010 a grazing opportunity came available at Hailey Farm in Sapperton.  From small beginnings with 60 sheep, we now lamb over 150, including our small pedigree flock of Ryeland sheep.  It truly is a family affair with Sophie, Andrew and the children checking the sheep on a daily basis, with many weekends involving worming, weighing, shearing and sorting.  Even Reggie the Jack Russell gets involved - whilst he would never make a sheep dog, the sheep clearly like having him around.  


Originally the business focused on fresh meat but we've now diversified into producing wool from our stunning flock of Ryelands and our ewe lambs.  Our customers' have used our wool in the making of some cosy winter clothing, as well as in some fantastic craft projects including crocheting, needle-felting, knitting and spinning.  Sophie's woolly Ryeland hat keeps her very toasty on the cold winter mornings at the Cirencester Farmers' market.

Our Team
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